Chawla Rice

The company has four Japanese (SATAKE) Processing / Polishing Plants

Each plant has a capacity of six tons per hour thereby making an overall capacity of 24 tons per hour. Three of these plants are in Karachi, near Karachi seaport. The company has a warehousing capacity consisting of over 250,000 sq. ft with two plants mill and another 300,000 sq. ft with one plant Mill near it. All these three plants are on Hawksbay Road in Karachi. With an overall processing / polishing capacity of 24 tons per hour, the company has a large production capability per day. This capability can be extended by working three shifts per day. In addition to rice processing and polishing, the company has also installed rice parboiling facility.

Details of both processing/polishing and parboiling facilities are as follows:

Processing and polishing plants:

100% state of the art processing and polishing plants and their accessories are imported ones. There is no local part. Each plant consists of the following components:

Paddy cleaner De-Stoner
Paddy huskers Paddy separator
Whitening machine Rotary sifter
Polishing machine Length Grader
Shutter scale husk aspirator
Colour sorters:
i: Sortex (Buhler) ii: Colour Master (Satake)
Site Details:
Karachi: Two processing / polishing plants have been installed at plot No.7/8, Phase- II, K-28, Translyari, Hawksbay road, Karachi.
One Processing/ Polishing plant has been installed at plot no.16-A, Block-A, phase-II, K-28, Translyari, Hawksbay Road, Karachi.
Both sites are at 15-20 minutes city area drive from Karachi seaport and on the main road.
One processing/polishing plant has been installed at dera Allahyar alongside Parboiling plants
Dera Allahyar: All the three parboiling plants have been installed at sohbat pur Road, Dera Allahyar, District Naseerabad, (Baluchistan Province).
This site comprises of 10 acres of land. A large area, both covered and open, is available as warehouse.
Parboiling Plants:

The company has three parboiling plants. Each plant and its components / accessories have been imported from India.

Paddy pre-cleaner with elevator
Paddy parboiling system
Mechanical Paddy drying system
Steaming systems (Boilers) having 5 tons per hours capacity.
Capacity of each Par-boiing plant is 1120 tons paddy per day. These systems are equipped with very precise heat controls enabling production of best quality par-boil rice according o any given specifications/degree.


Basmati and non-basmati rice, both plain and parboiled can be produced on demand of the buyers.

We offer most competitive price. For that, we gain an edge over most of the Millers and exporters because complete process from Procurement of paddy till export is under one management. Any quality/specification demanded by the buyer can be produced to order and that is our Guarantee.


White and parboiled rice has been exported to African, Middle Eastern and Bangladeshi markets through following international buyers and new contacts are adding up:

M/s Louis Dreyfus Trading Ltd, Switzerland.
M/s Ameropa AG, Singapore / Switzerland.
M/s Valency International Singapore
M/s SeaRiceLtd, Switzerland
Quality Control:

The rice growing area particularly of Irri-6, is the native place of Company's management in Sindh province. The company therefore has a direct contact with farming community. This contact helps the company in procurement of best quality paddy from growers after on the spot inspection.

Furthermore, in addition to the on the spot testing by Company's Technical staff, the company has close contact with International Inspection Agencies who have comprehensive Quality Testing system to eliminate any doubt to satisfy the buyers. Buyers are also welcome to get their contracted product tested themselves from anywhere they want.

Most of the buyers prefer Quality check by SGS and Bureau VERITAS who are already on company's list. We therefore make suitable arrangements on buyer's demand.

It is our endeavor and pledge to ensure committed quality whether the buyers check it or not. It is also our commitment to boost up country's name in the foreign market by satisfying international buyers.

We enjoy a high reputation and confidence of buyers regarding quality both in local and international markets. The company never compromises on quality and always stands by its commitments with buyers for timely shipment irrespective of market ups and downs.

Production Capacity:

A minimum production of 100,000 tons per year can easily be achieved in normal working from available facility. Production can however be increased to 150,000 tons per year by increasing working if there is a need.

Placement/installation of machinery is such that each plant is independent of the other and is convertible for production of both white and par-boiled rice separately in view of customers demand