Chawla Bagging

Bags Manufacturing

The company has its own plastic manufacturing plant and machinery for manufacturing polypropylene bags. This facility is functioning in Karachi near the sea port.

The plant has a state of the art technology and is operating with the machinery of "LOHIA STARLINGER" which is one of the best available in the world.

The plant consists of following equipment.

●E120B-1400 HS extruder with 252 winders having capacity of 600Kg/hour.
●40 Nos. LSL-6 Looms
●02 Nos. LSL-8 Looms.
●03 Nos. Auto Cutting & Stitching Machines.
●02 Nos. Four colour Printing Machines.
●10 Nos. stitching machines for mouth hemming.
●01 Nos. Turbine Generator 1.0MW

The technology of this machinery has following attributes.

1: Virtually no twisting of tapes, evenly and well distributed throughout the fabric.
2: Accuracy in Denier to the entire satisfaction of the customer.
3: Since the tapes are even and twisted, therefore printing is smooth and precise.
4: The strength of bags is also even on all sides, due of even denier.
5: Temperatures are computer-controlled and hence there is no question of over/under heating of tape and the shine on the tape is also even.


This project is planned with the provision to produce 3.5 million bags per month keeping in view all quality standards, controls and safety procedures.