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Basmati and non-basmati rice, both plain and parboiled can be produced on demand of the buyers. We offer most competitive price.

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We are one of the major importers and distributors of fertilizer i.e. DAP, Ammonium sulphate, sulphate of potash and muriate of potash, in Pakistan.

About Chawla International

The Company:

It's a family partnership company. The family has been in various fields of business from their ancestors. The company was founded by late Mr. Bhagwan Das K Chawla, with his family members as partners. Mr. Chawla had previously been trading in tobacco, coal, rice, and beverage production in the local market and Octroi collection.

Immediately before establishment of Chawla International, the main business of this family was Octroi/Tax collection on behalf of Government at national level. Annual turnover of this business was over Pak. Rupees one billion in the years 1998 and before.

Established: December 1999


Company's Head Office is located in the heart of business center of Karachi, Pakistan with a large parking space in front of the office inside the compound.

The Company has branch offices in:
i. Rice Milling, Parboiling, Export and local marketing
ii. Fertilizer import and country-wide distribution.
iv. Pesticides import, packing and country-wide distributions

Chawla Rice

The company has four Japanese (SATAKE) Processing / Polishing Plants

Each plant has a capacity of six tons per hour thereby making an overall capacity of 24 tons per hour. Three of these plants are in Karachi, near Karachi seaport. The company has a warehousing capacity consisting of over 250,000 sq. ft with two plants mill and another 300,000 sq. ft with one plant Mill near it. All these three plants are on Hawksbay Road in Karachi. With an overall processing / polishing capacity of 24 tons per hour, the company has a large production capability per day. This capability can be extended by working three shifts per day. In addition to rice processing and polishing, the company has also installed rice parboiling facility.

Details of both processing/polishing and parboiling facilities are as follows:

Processing and polishing plants:

100% state of the art processing and polishing plants and their accessories are imported ones. There is no local part. Each plant consists of the following components:

Paddy cleaner De-Stoner
Paddy huskers Paddy separator
Whitening machine Rotary sifter
Polishing machine Length Grader
Shutter scale husk aspirator
Colour sorters:
i: Sortex (Buhler) ii: Colour Master (Satake)
Site Details:
Karachi: Two processing / polishing plants have been installed at plot No.7/8, Phase- II, K-28, Translyari, Hawksbay road, Karachi.
One Processing/ Polishing plant has been installed at plot no.16-A, Block-A, phase-II, K-28, Translyari, Hawksbay Road, Karachi.
Both sites are at 15-20 minutes city area drive from Karachi seaport and on the main road.
One processing/polishing plant has been installed at dera Allahyar alongside Parboiling plants
Dera Allahyar: All the three parboiling plants have been installed at sohbat pur Road, Dera Allahyar, District Naseerabad, (Baluchistan Province).
This site comprises of 10 acres of land. A large area, both covered and open, is available as warehouse.
Parboiling Plants:

The company has three parboiling plants. Each plant and its components / accessories have been imported from India.

Paddy pre-cleaner with elevator
Paddy parboiling system
Mechanical Paddy drying system
Steaming systems (Boilers) having 5 tons per hours capacity.
Capacity of each Par-boiing plant is 1120 tons paddy per day. These systems are equipped with very precise heat controls enabling production of best quality par-boil rice according o any given specifications/degree.


Basmati and non-basmati rice, both plain and parboiled can be produced on demand of the buyers.

We offer most competitive price. For that, we gain an edge over most of the Millers and exporters because complete process from Procurement of paddy till export is under one management. Any quality/specification demanded by the buyer can be produced to order and that is our Guarantee.


White and parboiled rice has been exported to African, Middle Eastern and Bangladeshi markets through following international buyers and new contacts are adding up:

M/s Louis Dreyfus Trading Ltd, Switzerland.
M/s Ameropa AG, Singapore / Switzerland.
M/s Valency International Singapore
M/s SeaRiceLtd, Switzerland
Quality Control:

The rice growing area particularly of Irri-6, is the native place of Company's management in Sindh province. The company therefore has a direct contact with farming community. This contact helps the company in procurement of best quality paddy from growers after on the spot inspection.

Furthermore, in addition to the on the spot testing by Company's Technical staff, the company has close contact with International Inspection Agencies who have comprehensive Quality Testing system to eliminate any doubt to satisfy the buyers. Buyers are also welcome to get their contracted product tested themselves from anywhere they want.

Most of the buyers prefer Quality check by SGS and Bureau VERITAS who are already on company's list. We therefore make suitable arrangements on buyer's demand.

It is our endeavor and pledge to ensure committed quality whether the buyers check it or not. It is also our commitment to boost up country's name in the foreign market by satisfying international buyers.

We enjoy a high reputation and confidence of buyers regarding quality both in local and international markets. The company never compromises on quality and always stands by its commitments with buyers for timely shipment irrespective of market ups and downs.

Production Capacity:

A minimum production of 100,000 tons per year can easily be achieved in normal working from available facility. Production can however be increased to 150,000 tons per year by increasing working if there is a need.

Placement/installation of machinery is such that each plant is independent of the other and is convertible for production of both white and par-boiled rice separately in view of customers demand

Chawla Fertilizers

Though Pakistan is also the manufacturer of both Nitrogenous and Phosphate fertilizer, yet its production is not sufficient to meet country's requirements. Therefore both varieties of fertilizer are also imported to make up the deficiency.

For Phosphate fertilizer, particularly Di-Ammonium phosphate (DAP), major portion is dependent on imports. Since there is no restriction on private importers to distribute this commodity through their own system, therefore their own system, therefore it is being imported by manufacturers as well as by private sector.

Annual requirement of DAP is around 1.5 million tons. Local production is about 0.6 million tons per year, which still leaves a quantity of about 0.9 million tons to be imported.

Chawla International is one of the major importers and distributors of fertilizer in Pakistan. We are importing all kinds of fertilizers i.e. DAP, Ammonium sulphate, sulphate of potash and muriate of potash, etc.

Details are as follows:

Volume of import:

Though the use of DAP is regular throughout the year, yet there are two main seasons of its use in Pakistan i.e. RABBI (winter) and KHARIF (summer). The use of this commodity is around one million tons in RABBI season which extends from September to March and around 0.5 million tons in KHARIF season which is from April to August. Imports are, therefore to be lined-up before the start of each season.

We keep close watch on national inventory, expected local production, total seasonal requirement and actual deficiency. The import is therefore arranged keeping in view the actual import requirements and the line-ups of other importers.

Generally the company's import is two to three ship-loads in a year (i.e. 70,000 to 80,000 tons), mostly in RABBI season. Since international prices continuously fluctuate, therefore the financial involvement ranges between USD 44 million and 56 million depending on prevailing CFR prices at the time of import. There is however no particular restriction or limit. The Company can go for more import if there is a need due to less local production, less by other importers or higher demand of users.

Moreover, since Chawla International has a tradition of keeping regular inventory through-out the year for its regular end users, therefore additional import can be arranged at any time during the year.

Source of interest:

There is no specific manufacturer or a specific country for import. There is however a very strong competition in the domestic market. Moreover the end user is also choosy. This situation binds the company to look for best quality and competitive prices at the specific time of import. Not only the Government of Pakistan keeps an eye on quality, particularly on nutrient contents but the user is also conscious of colour, free flowing condition, moisture contents and the granulometry of the product.

We contact the international market as and when import is planned and concludes deals keeping in view above factors

We are therefore well known or clean deals in the international market.

Import Method and Quality control:

I) Procurement is done from well-established producers / suppliers on the basis of sight L/C

II) Import is done in full shiploads of 35,000/ 40,000 tons in bulk on CFR terms. Nomination of ships is done by shippers and fixtures are finalized in consultation with the company and its consent.

III) Pre-shipment inspection is arranged at load-port through well reputed international inspection agencies such as SGS, Bureau VERITAS and Inspectorate etc. This inspection is arranged by shippers strictly in consultation with the company.

IV) Chemical analysis is also carried out after arrival of the commodity at Karachi.

V) Government also takes Samples from the company's warehouse and the dealers Warehouse to check at their own laboratories.


I) At Chawla international we have large warehouses near Karachi seaport. Warehouses are also available in different agriculture areas of the country where some quality is also stored to meet immediate demand of the buyers on the spot

II) After bagging at quayside, the commodity is moved to warehouses through trucks in Karachi or other stores of the company in the country.

III) Sale is done both direct from port as well as from warehouses.

IV) We traditionally maintain a reasonable inventory round the year.


I) We enjoy a strong dealer's network throughout the country.

II) Company extends reasonable interest-free credit facility to its dealers.

III) Any complaints of dealers/users regarding quantity and quality are properly looked into and disposed off to the satisfaction of the persons concerned.

IV) We maintain a high reputation in the domestic market for quality of product and correctness of weight in the bags.

V) We at Chawla International welcome suggestions for improvements in its working or any other aspect of marketing.

Contact Details

Suite #4, Old Rally Brothers Building, Talpur Road, Off: I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi - Pakistan.


+92-21-32400219, 32411685, 32400341


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